About old

'Pernicci' was the nickname given to Patrick Pernice by his friends. It was a play on his Italian last name. He started the PERNICCI brand in 1989, in Alameda, California. Drawing from the surrounding surf and skate culture, PERNICCI designed t-shirts, shorts and hats. A complete clothing line followed, filled with bold logo tees, baggy stove pipe jeans and Eisenhower zip jackets —men’s streetwear inspired by the San Francisco electronic music scene. By 1995, PERNICCI had spread worldwide, represented in hotspots like NYC, LA, Tokyo, London, Berlin and Milan. In 1999, we retired the PERNICCI label to focus on launching 4by6.com, one of the first online printing companies. 

We’re returning to the clothing industry under the label PERNICE ( perh-nee-cheh ) : the partridge. It’s the original family name, from Palermo, Sicily. This time around, our brand will draw inspiration from sources that connect to Patrick’s life — from his ancestry in Sicily, to his upbringing in Kansas City, all the way to his current home and headquarters, Oakland, California. 

The focus of PERNICE is to collaborate with designers, creating small, limited-edition collections that can be recognized and shared with our followers through seasonal releases. 

There’s more to a clothing brand than a logo on a hat. We want to tell stories, on cotton, through the artists’ point of view. We want to provoke thought, look sharp, and have fun. Stay tuned.


This year our features artist is Michael Hirshon. Michael has a great story and impressive body of work. See for yourself why we fell in love at hirshon.net.